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    Stop wasting time cobbling data together yourself. ReisReports arms you with an institutional quality research firm for less than the cost of a gym membership.

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    Our reputation is built on over 30 years of proprietary data, going back several real estate and economic cycles, giving us a distinct advantage at identifying cyclical trends.

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    Reis covers 275 metropolitan areas and more than 7,000 market segments in 5 major sectors of commercial real estate including Apartment, Office, Retail, Self-Storage, and Industrial properties.

  • Our coverage grows every year.

    This past year alone we added Warehouse/Distribution and Flex R&D properties to our Industrial database, expanded our Office coverage by 58 markets, and expanded our apartment coverage by 75 markets.

  • We own our data and we stand behind it.

    We don't license our real estate property data from 3rd parties. Our research team calls on every property in our proprietary database to verify property fundamentals, and gather new sales and construction updates.

  • Don't take our word for it, check our references.

    Our data is cited by the nation’s leading news publications, industry publications, and business journals.

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    Access our extensive array of market reports and comp group statistics to reach beyond your specific area of expertise.

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    Your sound market assumptions are all the more convincing when you bring corroborating Reis data to the negotiating table.

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    Arm yourself with the most up-to-date information. Our sales comps are updated daily, rent and new construction comps weekly, and market reports are updated monthly.

  • Seize opportunities early.

    Get updates on your properties and markets of interest to track trends and take advantage of changes in market fundamentals before anyone else.

  • We are first and foremost a research company.

    Over 2/3 of the Reis team performs in-house research, and now their reports are at your disposal with fast and easy access to our database.

  • Making our list, and checking it thrice.

    Quality assurance is our top priority. We perform audits on our data and study trends to ensure that the report you get is accurate.

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    Access the same commercial real estate information relied upon by institutional lenders and government agencies, packaged and priced for independent professionals.

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    Create presentation quality report in seconds, and customize them with your own name and logo.

  • Real estate is a local game.

    ReisReports has extensive submarket coverage, and lets you quickly generate peer group property statistics to benchmark any property in your portfolio.

  • Make decisions when markets shift.

    Stay on top of rapidly-changing markets with comprehensive MSA and neighborhood-level reporting updated monthly to reveal new opportunities and risks.

  • Transparent cap-rates you can trust.

    Don't settle for half of the story. Reis data on fundamentals like rents, occupancies and expenses, combined with transaction information, allow us to build detailed and transparent Cap Rate Analysis Proformas for comparable properties.

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Our reports provide clear, concise, and respected commercial real estate information that paints an accurate perspective of local, regional, and national markets.

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  • Current Asking Rent
  • Current Vacancy Rate
  • Unit Mix Details
  • Lease Terms
  • Rent Growth Comparisons
  • Comp Group Growth Trends
  • Property Level Details
  • Operating Expenses & NOI
  • Concessions
  • Effective Rent Revenue
  • Estimated Going-In Cap Rate
  • Metro Cap Rate
  • Reported Cap Rate

Market Reports

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  • Metro Rent Details
  • Rent Growth Comparisons
  • Metro Vacancy Details
  • Vacancy Rate Comparisons
  • Metro Inventory Details
  • Inventory Growth
  • New Construction and
  • Absorption Change
  • Economic and
  • Demographic Trends

Market Narratives


ReisReports market narratives offer metro and sector specific commentary covering economic trends, market trends, property sales, and submarket trends.

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Apartment Cap Rate Trends The mean cap rate, calculated on a dollar-weighted basis by quarter, declined by 20 basis points during the fourth quarter to 6.1%. Just when it appears as if cap rates for apartments could not go any lower, they do. This speaks[...]