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Serving CRE for over 30 Years

Reis is the nation's most trusted provider of commercial real estate market data, research and analytics. For over 30 years, we have maintained an objective, transparent approach to data collection. We cover 275 metros and over 6,800 market segments across the Apartment, Office, Retail, Industrial, and Self-Storage sectors ( View Coverage ).

Why We're Different

  • Proprietary Data. We own our data, which means we have and always will ensure its integrity and consistency.
  • Established Company. We have been in business for over 30 years and are a household name in the CRE industry.
  • Unbiased Data. We collect our data using unbiased methodologies.
  • Industry Leader. Our data is frequently used by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and other industry heavyweights.
  • Flexible Licensing. Your account works anywhere, and is not tied to one computer.
  • In-House Quality Control. We are only as good as our data, so we have an entire team dedicated to quality control.
  • Fanatical Customer Service. Our client support team is always available to answer questions, give us a call.
  • Value. Reis data, products, and services will play a leading role in closing the deal.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality commercial real estate data has garnered the trust of the nation's leading lenders and investors.

Sales Comparables

Our analysts gather information that is critical to understanding a sale. They track and research the most recent sales transactions, collecting data such as price, closing date, buyer, seller, cap rates, and, where available, financing terms. On the majority of our transactions, we also provide three cap rates and a pro-forma. Clients use our tools to search the sales comps database to identify transactions relevant to their investment decisions.

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Rent Comparables

Our rent comparable reports accurately convey the performance of a property versus its peers. Users first specify the details of a subject property, then Reis supplies property level performance data for competitive buildings in the area. The resulting report returns property-level rents and vacancies, as well as comp group summary statistics, including concessions, operating expenses, and lease terms.

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New Construction Comparables

The Construction Comps tool allows a user to identify planned, proposed, and under construction projects within user-specified parameters, such as geographical radius, project size, and expected completion date. New projects, and adjustments to existing projects, are discovered and published weekly. Specify your location and our adjustable comps module allows you to adjust your results based on an expected completion date, size, or stage of construction.

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Metro & Submarket Reports

Reliable historical trends are the cornerstone of any market analysis. Metro Reports provide an array of historical trends and current rates including: asking and effective rent, vacancy, inventory, construction, absorption, economic and demographic details. Reis also provides Submarket Reports, that cover over 2500 submarkets, which can be used to alert a CRE professional to significant varations in performance among submarkets within a metro area.

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Supporting every aspect
of Real Estate Transactions


use our tool to ensure they get the best price for their property from buyers. Our comps and market reports will inform the listing price, arming the seller with the right tools to close the deal.


also use ReisReports to ensure they get the best price on a purchase. By looking at historical market trends, overall market health, and property comps, they can gain an advantage at the negotiating table.

Lenders & Appraisers

use our reports to assist in loan qualification. By looking at current market conditions, comparable properties, caps rates, vacancy rates, and new construction, they can determine the value (and risk) of the property in question.

Loan Committees & Underwriters

will use ReisReports to perform due diligence to justify lending decisions in real estate transactions. When the data comes from Reis, they know they can trust it to be unbiased and objective.

Portfolio Managers

need the clear view of their markets that only Reis data can offer. They will use ReisReports to observe market conditions to make buy/sell/hold decisions on their properties (whether it’s one property, or a thousand).

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