Why Commercial Real Estate Developers Use Our Product

Support your Development with Objective Research

Where to situate that new property or look for that new conversion project? And what features and amenities are required to ensure that it competes successfully with existing stock, achieves stabilization on schedule, and leads to a favorable take-out loan?

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ReisReports is a low cost research tool that keeps you ahead of the competition, allows you to complete due diligence faster, and gives you access to trusted nationally recognized information.

Generate Property Comps in Seconds

When considering a new construction or conversion opportunity, our developer clients take a few seconds to run a customizable Rent Comparables report. Knowing the average rent and vacancy in the area, and Reis’s local forecast for both, is critical for making sound financial projections, especially with respect to anticipated stabilized income, property valuation, and the likely potential amount of a take-out loan. Additionally, a look at New Construction Comparables can alert the developer to any parallel projects that might pose a competitive threat to projections.

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Developers who use Reis information can be confident that they are making responsible decisions that are grounded in realistic assessments of how supply and demand fundamentals are likely to affect a property’s financial performance and likely value.