Why Commercial Real Estate Investors Use Our Product

Support your Investments with Objective Research

Faced with a growing menu of market and property type opportunities, and sales brochures packaged to look like unbiased information, investors rely on Reis for the clearest picture, and the best possible decision support.

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ReisReports is a low cost research tool that keeps you ahead of the competition, allows you to complete due diligence faster, and gives you access to trusted nationally recognized information.

Generate a Property Report in Seconds

When considering a purchase opportunity or pricing a property for sale, our equity investor clients take a few seconds to run a customizable Sales Comparables report. What is the price per unit or square foot for recent sales in the area? What is the average cap rate? A quick look at Rent Comparables, in combination with Reis’s suit of submarket reports, may reveal that the property under consideration is a performance outlier with respect to rent and vacancy and, ultimately, potential revenue—perhaps helping to justify a higher purchase price or a lowball purchase offer. Finally, Reis’s New Construction Comparables can reveal future competitive threats to the subject property’s performance, shedding additional light on the property’s likely performance.

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Equity investors who use Reis information can be confident that they are making responsible decisions that are grounded in realistic assessments of how supply and demand fundamentals are likely to affect a property’s financial performance and likely value.