Why Leasing Brokers Use Our Product

The Best Brokers Close the Deal with Reis

There’s nothing like that final round of handshakes after you have closed a deal to place a corporate tenant into a commercial real estate space.

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ReisReports is a low cost research tool that keeps you ahead of the competition, allows you to complete appraisals faster, and gives you access to trusted nationally recognized information.

Generate Market Reports in Seconds

We often hear from brokers that one of their most time-consuming tasks is translating charts and spreadsheets into write-ups that are easily understood by their clients.
Reis has solved this problem. Every quarter, for each market and submarket, Reis offers an Executive Briefing report, covering supply and demand fundamentals, including rent, vacancy, construction, absorption, and forecasts. The two minutes that it takes to read these reports confer upon the reader a conversational mastery of the market, which in turn helps leasing brokers impress their clients and prospects.

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Brokers who use Reis information become trusted consultants to their clients. This leads to smoother negotiations, faster closes, more referrals, more business—and more commissions.