Why Commercial Real Estate Appraisers Use Our Product

Support your Appraisal with Objective Research

Whether appraising a property in support of an expected sale or refinancing, as part of routine portfolio surveillance, or as part of a periodic audit, appraisal professionals can rely on Reis to supply impartial performance findings that support.

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ReisReports is a low cost research tool that keeps you ahead of the competition, allows you to complete appraisals faster, and gives you access to trusted nationally recognized information.

Generate a Property Report in Seconds

Not only is Reis’s information reliable, the site is easy to use. Appraisers often begin with an Address Search. Just a few keystrokes will return:

  • Customizable rent, sales, and construction comparables
  • Comprehensive market and submarket data
  • Metro level eco/demo information
  • Detailed Metro and Submarket narratives
    suitable for presentation to a client.

Market Narratives Submarket Narrative Sales Analysis

We frequently hear from appraisers that their knowledge of the markets in which they operate confirms Reis’s numbers, and that—in turn—their clients see Reis’s numbers as independent confirmation that the appraiser’s final valuation is correct. This mutual reinforcement facilitates appraisal acceptance, leading to smoother negotiations and faster closes.